grupen führer

You must go and read the infamous Cinnamon Roll story over at Cellobella’s blog.

I’ll wait …..

Rather sad he didn’t share that one in Sydney.


So, the new job as grupen-führer1, is going okay, not that there has been terribly much new-job work going on (it is a massively drawn-out handover process, 2.5 days in each department, then 2/3 days, then 1/4 days – I’ll not be full-time until January). I am now in the same department as APG’s lovely wife and she was very gracious in welcoming me – unlike most others in the department who pretty much totally ignored my joining. Luckily I’m still seated with Heather for the time being (because I would just die if I was not). The brain-rat2, who is quite possibly the noisiest and quite the stupidest person I have ever come across, one of the minions in the department, has not been particularly welcoming. In fact, she takes pains to make quite loud, passive-agressive remarks on grupen-führers (particularly recently appointed ones), ensuring that I am within hearing. Jealous, much?

1thanks to The Professor for the title
2so called because listening to her is like having a rat in one’s brain.

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