a bazillion things. part 2

It seems such an age since I wrote the list of things to post about, which sits on my desk, silently mocking me. Many things are way past being interesting, but here we go:

  1. Coming back from Melbourne saw all manner of little dramas. Such as having a manicure set (which I had completely forgotten about – it’s been in there forever) in my handbag (strangely made it through the Sydney x-ray thing without issue), but they had to confiscate my nail and cuticle scissors. And in all the kerfuffle about my manicure set, lost my brand new, quite expensive, mechinical pencil. Then I had to get dabbed for explosives. Then I learned a very very valuable lesson about checking the indicator board rather then listening to the luggage check-in person about which gate my flight was departing from. She told me it was 12, “12?” I asked. “12”, she said. So I dat for an age and wondered why my flight wasn’t boarding at all. About 10 minutes before it was due to depart, I checked the indicator board. Gate 21. Shit. I almost died running to the other end of the terminal. They had closed the flight, but not started the calling of names. And I thought I was fit! hah! My lungs did not stop burning until we were flying over Canberra. I need more cardio in my life.
  2. On the Friday I flew home, it was 16o, raining, windy and awful in Melbourne. Touched down in Sydney to 30o and sparkling sunshine. I was utterly and completely thrilled to be home. My goodness, I love this city.
  3. After my arrival in the Emerald City, we ventured down to the pub for dinner, where we purchased raffle tickets and did rather well:

    • Two meat trays
    • two bottles of wine
    • one vegie tray
    • one voucher for a $40 dinner at the pub


  4. My relationship with dfkan has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for quite some time. She has been wanting to move out and be an independent woman, but felt she lacked the adequate funds for such a move. Being generation y, she believed an adequate income was about $45K (I would have been at home until I was 38 if that was the moving-out criteria!). Being that I am the worst and most uncaring mother in the world, she has been told she needs to find her own place by the end of January and be the aforesaid independent woman. I am sure she will be much happier and our relationship will be much improved.
  5. But being the utterly sickly dfkan that she is, we spent the Thursday afternoon before last in the EMU unit of St Vincents Hospital (well, she was there much longer than I), where she had suspected appendicitis. Fortunately after an ultrasound and c-scan (I think that is what it was), she was cleared and sent home unscathed!
  6. In other St Vincents Hospital news, after being on the list for a tonsillectomy for ONE YEAR(!), dfkan was called in the afternoon of the 2nd September and told she was booked in for the 4th. Of September. Yes, less than 1.5 days notice. She informed them that she could not possibly take time off work with that sort of notice period (she would have definitely been sacked) and they claimed it was SOP in the public system. How on earth does anyone manage to be operated on and keep their jobs? So she goes back on the list (probably for another whole year) and continues on the pencillin – which is the only thing that keeps her tonsills the size of golf balls, rather than basket balls. Stupid Publich Health System.
  7. My adored Lesbian Lover is leaving Marie Celeste. I can’t blame her, but it is a very sad thing indeed. I will miss her a great deal.
  8. And in other “abandoning the sinking ship” news, Cinnamoroll is off to Hong Kong. She has already had one stall at the local markets to offload some of her stuff. I’m hoping she repeats the experience – whereupon I attend (having prayed to the gods that she is planning to sell those shoes).

And I think you are all caught up.

Riveting, wasn’t it?

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  1. hey, my comment from last night disappeared!Attempting to reconstruct:I said < HREF="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinnamoroll" REL="nofollow">Cinnamoroll<> was a Sanrio Character.And that we did not hear the Armistead Maupin Cinnamon Roll story that I recollect. And I asked for a retelling.And then I asked if you had heard the threesome in Paris story.And this one had better not vanish!

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