i’m head of the class, i’m popular

To my utter surprise, I have had a rather attractive internal job offer (which, Anonymous Portly Geek, you should not ask me about, because I am sworn to secrecy, nor may you speculate with anyone, until the email goes out).

Well, actually, that should be two rather attractive internal job offers (the other was to stay where I am with better stuff).

Embarassment of riches and all that.

I think I will take the first, which will mean a complete and unexpected change of direction. But could be quite cool.

I think my GM has a plan for my life.

Hopefully she can tell me what I should have for dinner tomorrow night.

6 thoughts on “i’m head of the class, i’m popular

  1. Thanks all, it is not a little scary! But cool, because I get away from all sorts of current crap (and get to keep all of my fave stuff).And yes, APG can be trusted with all sorts of juicy goss (and no, he has not let me down yet).

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