happy apec eve

Life in the Police State is rather odd. Loads of police everywhere, street rubbish bins covered (usually wrapped with garbage bags and police tape). There’s not much action down my end of the CBD (the “not-good” end), save for the helicopters and jets and such overhead, and the hundreds of police and loads of police vehicles at south darling harbour, whom (which?) I pass on the way to work. Overkill, much?

I wanted to snap some pix, but didn’t think it was a particularly fab idea, given the “declared area” signs affixed to assorted poles. “Declared area” apparently means you can be searched without cause and anything deemed suspicous can be removed from your person.

I have never seen the city quite so desolate as it was today, obviously most people far, far away – well, most people except for the protesters with the yellow outfits and the “ban communism” (which was kinda retro and awesome) placards marching down Elizabeth Street – so lunchtime shopping was great!

And, hey, a public holiday tomorrow! Police State, you rock! Except, not.

Tomorrow, I collect the babies and Bessie and I will attempt to make a crab eater seal1. It may be from polar fleece, it may be from papier-mâché (or something else, which we may discover in the construction process).

Next week, Heather and I and a couple of colleagues are heading off to see Armistead Maupin! Woo! I cannot even convey how excited this makes me! We are quite the devoted fans (husband 2 and I even named Bessie (what? you thought her real name was Bess?) after a character in Sure of You. I plan to get Tales of the City signed for Nancy.

1At last! a crafty school project!

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