the lady vanishes

I’m still alive and not about to do a mrs hardly on you all.

So what has been happening in the life of Carol, et al?

Not a heck of a lot. If you had asked me what on earth I was doing in the evenings over the last two weeks, rather than blogging, I would be hard pressed to remember (o! the ravages of old age). I think there was much reading of the internets and arguing with dfkan about the state of her bedroom.

  • I’m on rather an “eating well, ramping up exercise and cutting down alcohol consumption” kick at present (although if you had seen me on Friday afternoon/evening, you’d be laughing heartily and incredulously right about now).
  • After lurking for a very very long time, I finally decided to shell out the US$5 to join metafilter.
  • I ventured out to the park to check out the lunar eclipse and to test the night landscape settings on my camera (I really should manifest myself a DSLR, The Secret style). Not much eclipse was captured, but I did get some rather pretty lights (albeit rather over-exposed)….

    At the end of our street

  • Last week was privacy awareness week. What, you didn’t have cake? To celebrate, Marie Celeste decided to surreptitiously replace our computer desktop picture with an advertisement pimping privacy awareness week – without telling us (until after we’d discovered the change). Nice, invading our privacy1 to make us more aware of privacy.
  • Mentally planning the Big Spring Clean. which. must. happen. soon.
  • Bought a 40GB 3rd generation refurbed ipod from the apple store for $179 for bavlovo (and also for me, rather than the 4gb nano I’ve had for an age). We shelled out for a Kensington FM transmitter, which is a complete and utter piece of crap (stay far, far away). So, rather than spend hundreds of dollars testing various FM transmitters, we’ll be spending hundreds of dollars getting professionals to hook a dock up to Bavolo’s CD changer connector.

1Yes, in the event that you were going to get all pedantic on me, I’m aware that there should be no expectation of privacy on the workplace computer I use and that it is not my computer.

2 thoughts on “the lady vanishes

  1. Sure, I spring clean! Doesn’t everyone?Just kidding.I do feel the need to have a big clean out of the crap that has accumulated here (and there wasn’t terribly much sorting/culling done before I moved in). That this feeling coincides with Spring is, I think, pure coincidence.

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