It may come as an enormous surprise to you all that I am not a seasoned world traveller.

Okay, that was a lie – I am sure you all know that I am not a seasoned world traveller by now. In fact, I am not much of a traveller at all.

So, if I said that I have never visited Melbourne, you wouldn’t be at all surprised, would you?

Well, I have never visited Melbourne1.

But, at the end of September this shameful fact will be remedied – because (miracle of miracles), the Marie Celeste is sending my down for a stats course – for a week. Woo! This is a miracle because there is no training budget for non-IT staff this financial year. I will have to pay for my own accomodation, which I was happy to do given the tight-arsedness of the budget (and the fact that it will look nice on my CV).

I can’t even think of how many years it has been since I have even been on an aircraft, it has to be around 10. And certainly I have never been anywhere at all on my own. So this will be quite the little adventure.

Goodness, that makes me sound massively provincial and staid and unworldly and all manner of very unflattering things.

1Just in case you were wondering: I have, you know, been *out* of Sydney, it’s just that north seems to have been the favoured direction.

4 thoughts on “bumpkin

  1. Seeing as you’re confessing… I’ve never been to Queensland or the Northern Territory… though I have been to Lismore and Kununurra… so I guess that’s getting close… đŸ™‚

  2. Melbourne is one of my favourite cities – you will love it! Try to get down to Brunswick St, Fitzroy – great shops (kind of like a less grungy Newtown) and excellent food and coffee.

  3. I don’t think you are any of those “unflattering” things. Some of the most objectionable people I know are well-travelled.I agree with jano, Brunswick Street is good, and St Kilda (The Esplanade Hotel is where RockWiz is held). Oh, and the cemetery – you can visit the Elvis Grotto!

  4. Thank you all :)I haven’t been to the NT either (or SA or TAS or WA). I have been to Canberra far too many times though, does that make up for it?I am totally up for a less manky Newtown and I would truly love a pilgrimage to the Espy.Other visitational suggestions very welcome! I think the course will be quite full on, but Don is planning to come down for one of the weekends bookmarking the week.

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