and the rocket’s red glaaaaaaaare

So we had an impromptu America Day (as we are calling it) dinner of hot dogs and fries, with apple pie for dessert.

We didn’t have American beer because it is crap, we, however, did have lots of (australian) wine and as a consequence I am a wee bit drunk.

And we listened to Jimi Hendrix play star spangled banner via mp3.

Dfkan made a lovely impromptu table setting for the occasion (she also made the fries):

Our real names were on the placecards, but I have edited them out. What? You thought our names were really Don and Carol?

And Don and Dfkan are making me watch State of Origin against my will.

I wish I had bought some sparklers when I went to the Store (errrrr …. shop).

Happy America day!!

Reposted because of comment highjacking (bizarrely in firefox, it redirects the blog to a quotations page). I’ve had to turn word verification on – apologies.

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