all we ever shared was a taste in clothes

Yesterday morning, on the way to the supermarket, Don suggested that we go check out some cars for a wee while, I expressed some reluctance (having freaked-out, hippy ideas about car ownership and lingering panicky ideas about debt from my extreme poverty and bankrupt years), which he countered by saying, “it’s not like we are going to buy a car today, we’re just having a look at what is out there and talking to a few people”.

Three hours later and we returned, the proud (well, when the loan goes through) owners of this car1.

We looked at the current Toyota Corolla Ascent (which I totally loathed2 – what the hell are they thinking with the interior?), Honda Jazz (which was better than the Toyota, but didn’t really do anything for either of us) and then we walked into the Citroën section and we were in love – especially when there was a really lovely silver demo model (with sun roof! and discounted!). And the C3 totally references the 2CV lines, without being too literal or over designed, unlike some recent cars (I’m looking at you volkswagen beetle)

I should add here that I have wanted a citroën since I was about 11 years old and first saw the gorgeous dark metallic blue DS (flickr link, so totally go and look!) owned by some anonymous person in my very small coastal hick town, and wanted one even more after I first encountered a 2CV(another flickr link, so totally go and look!) – because who doesn’t covet a 2CV??

And I know that both the-daughter-formerly-known-as-Nancy and Fenton will attest that every single time this advertisement (you tube link) came on television I would say, “ohhhhhhh, I want a citroën”.

And goodness, now I (almost) have one!

It was only when we got home that we realised it was advertised on the internets, so enjoy a photo of our newest addition:

Wonderfully gorgeous, no?

Naming suggestions for the new baby welcome (because cars totally have to have names).

Holy crap!

We (almost) have a car!

A new car!

And I really couldn’t be more happy about it!

1note the background of the photo.
2i have owned a couple of corollas in the past and by golly, they have gone downhill! Apologies if you either love them, own one or love them and own one

3 thoughts on “all we ever shared was a taste in clothes

  1. nice! I always liked citroens and they went way up in my esteem after making a dancing transformer ad – I love that commercial.

  2. Oh my goodness! Harriet, where have you been!! Email me!!!!!! (Oh! wait! I can email you!). Waaaaaaaaay too many !’s there.You’re right Cellobella, it does look like a wee beetle (and a much nicer one than the actual beetles).

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