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It should be noted that have indulged in a couple of glasses of wine prior to constructing this post, and as a consequence am fairly hammered – so typos and ranting should be excused…

So, the replacement of 400-year-old-man took quite some time, but finally, about 6 months ago, a “suitable” candidate was found for his replacement. I had rather a difficult time dealing with this , as really I (and others, I might add) thought that I should probably be slotted into that role (but that whole saga is a story for another time).

And so the young girl chosen to replace 400-year-old-man commenced work at the Marie Celeste. I really do want to call her “Hello Kitty”, because that is totally how she has decorated her cubicle, but I shall go for Cinnamoroll – because she is totally that too.

Cinnamoroll is about 24. She has an amazing collection of both outfits and shoes (the shoes deserve a post to themselves). In the past 6 months we have rarely seen her wearing the same outfit. I prefer to think of her as about 17, because that is totally how she comes across, admittedly a quite intelligent, university educated 17 year-old, but a 17 year-old nonetheless.

She endeared herself to me in the first week, when we took her out to lunch as a welcoming-type dealy. For some reason the conversation steered toward poker (undoubtedly this was the doing of the token Englishman – henceforth known as the fat-lazy-stupid-whipped-sooky-oaf[hereafter known as “The Oaf”]). I commented that at a point during my teenage years, my friends and I spent a rather large amount of time playing poker, Cinnamoroll piped up with, “but poker wasn’t invented then, was it?”. Sadly one can only think of the devastating ripostes long after the fact.

But, over time, I have quite warmed to Cinnamoroll and her staggeringly naive ways. Today The Professor and I had to explain to her what a memo was (because she was asked to write one by one of the smug-bitches-from-legal), I took the “it was like an email, but was what we used before emails were invented” and then we had fun explaining carbon copies and carbon paper and typing pools.

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