I’m a big fan

We all trotted off to the pub for dinner last evening and on the way out spotted a very sad looking (very dusty and very rusty and covered in spoot) silver fan on the footpath across the road, I swore I would bring it home if it was there when we came back and it was!

So I carted it up the many flights of stairs (the penalty for the spectacular view is no lifts) – we established that it worked (then we watched lost in translation, or should I say advertisements punctuated by lost in translation and went to bed).

This afternoon, with the aid of some steel wool, I spent a couple of hours fixering.

And the result was:

I really should have taken before photographs. Suffice it to say, the silver was barely visible amongst the rust and spoot.

2 thoughts on “I’m a big fan

  1. I’ve wanted a fan like that for years, however they are very expensive as far as fans go – way out of my range. Nobody around here leaves cool shit like that on the side of the road.

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