Adventures in Gardening: Part 3

I decided I was in need of a mental health day from the-place-of-employment-formerly-known-as-Marie-Celeste today and so did loads of housey things, including repotting the mystery plants! The big mystery plant was totally overshadowing the other mystery plants when I visited them this morning and it was definitely time for a move.

So now I know what they are, and now you can too ……

The little green ones are lemons (I think)

and ……..

The big one is ……

A Mango!

I’ll stick a photo of wildly thriving mango here tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Gardening: Part 3

  1. I am INSANELY JEALOUS!! I have never been able to propagate a mango seed despite many many attempts! What did you do?

  2. Errrrrrmmmmmmmmm – I shoved it in a pot of potting mix with our other seeds.The only thing I can think of is that it gets an awful lot of sun where it is.Other than that – having Don water it when he did the other plants.

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