Adventures in gardening: part 1

So, as part of my new hippy lifestyle (and the fact that I now have an absolutely enormous balcony), Don and I went all wild and crazy on Australia Day decking out aforesaid balcony with some plantage (and it looks very nice thankyouverymuch).

Having an extra small pot and some spare potting mix and being experimentally inclined, I persuaded Don that it would be loads of fun to save our fruit seeds for a couple of weeks, plant them and see what,if anything, eventuated.

Time passed.

More time passed. 1

And finally – at the end of last week, we saw results!

Taken 02-04-07

Of course, following the scientific method, we have absolutely no idea what was planted where.

But it is so very exciting to see the wee seedlings and ponder what they might be (which just proves what massive nerds we are!).

We’ll be documenting their progress over the coming weeks.

If you like to play along and identify them (or even guess their identity) comment away! Your options are mango, plum, peach, lemon, lime and apple.

1like, maybe 2 months

2 thoughts on “Adventures in gardening: part 1

  1. I am so envious of your propagation of a fruit seed! I have grown vegetables and never once had a fruit seed propagate! I vote APPLE.

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