I miss themed titles

Yes, after an almost-12-month hiatus, I’ve succumbed (to both the nagging and the lure of rambling inanely about nothing in particular) and am blogging again. But this time collaboratively! Yay!

Life is very, very, staggeringly different to almost-12-months ago when I was mrs.h. I’m now living in the midst of hippy-land, often to be found wearing thongs and no makeup! But more about that later…..

3 thoughts on “I miss themed titles

  1. Welcome back! I saw the notice on your old site. Yes, some of us still had Mrs Hardly folded neatly at the back of our RSS feeds, waiting to emerge when the time was right.And this must be your friend, Don. Hi Don!

  2. Hello, hello!Seeing both of your names in comments gave me a very happy smile indeed!I’m madly curious as to what everyone has been up to and plan to devote at least part of the easter break to some serious catching up on blog reading.

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