biff looked closely at him. “he isn’t right. look, frank, his eyes are dilated.” chet’s head lolled as if he was in a stupor.

Drama aplenty in the past week at Marie Celeste.

Firstly, we were all (sans 400 year old man) dragged into the Dept
Cool-until-you-are-in-it Manager’s office with door closed and informed that my nemisis (400 year old man, of course) would be leaving us in four weeks (four weeks too long in my opinion). And there was much rejoicing, so very much rejoicing.

It’s performance review time and I have been having quite a stressful time completing my very lengthy review form – fortunately Dept-Cool-until-you-are-in-it-Manager is not terribly obsessed with having these things being done perfectly (or at all) and gave me a very good rating (hopefully this will express itself in some sort of remunerative fashion, for everyone else in Dept Cool-until-you-are-in-it receives almost double my salary).

And I cannot begin to describe how overwhelmed I am with every day work crap.

Yesterday, at around 11am, we all received an email announcing a staff meeting at 3.15pm, where an Important Announcement about re-focussing Marie Celeste would be made. Naturally, this lead to very little work and many wild conspiracy theories being tossed about for the rest of the day – because no-one, not even the Managers, knew what the meeting was about (but really, deep down, we all thought it would be something quite lame, despite desperately wanting something awesome to happen).

Our lameness fears seemed to be realised when the meeting started off with the usual “we’re fast growing, revenues are increasing … blah, blah, blah … yawn”. Then the bombshells started coming – total shake-up of the whole company structure, one GM (who has been there for 10 years & is fairly popular) made redundant, our witchy fem-bot GM “discussing her options”, our witchy fem-bot GM with actual, real, tears in her eyes. (Who knew fem-bots had tear-ducts built in? The cynical amongst us suspected she used some form of eye drop in an attempt to appear more human). It was way cool – particularly as the secret has been kept so well.

Afterward, most of us retired to the pub next door, and truly, there have never been such a happy bunch of people after a re-structuring. Everyone was smiling, joking, happy – it was totally surreal. I drank far, far too much (with most of my alcohol supplied by the last GM standing) and am feeling rather seedy today.

I look forward to more good times on Monday!


In other news, Nancy was being rather trying due to her half yearly exams, and stressing because she has done very little study, and then stressing because if she does badly, she won’t get into University.

Hmmmm, have I not been saying this every single day for the last year? The horrors of teenage children – no matter what you tell them, no matter what advice you give (from bitter, bitter experience), they will. not. listen. They “have to work it out for themselves”. Personally, I think that given the amount of times I have been proven right over the course of her life, she could saved an awful lot of time just following my advice, rather than “finding things out for herself”.


Many apologies to the lovely anyresemblance for my utter slackness in emailing to catch-up. I’ve been rather overwhelmed.

And apologies to anyone hanging out for the first instalment of my way cool blogging project, which has kind of been put off due to aforementioned overwhelmedness. I promise to have something up before the weekend is out.

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