“how about you guys going to the kitchen and rustling up something for the inner man? make mine milk and ham sandwiches.”

And there was much rejoicing yesterday, as we are now 3 adults in the Hardly Haus.

And there was cake!

And there was much giftage: esprit pants, brown boots, converse sneakers and an lcd tv/monitor.

We are toying with going out to buy a rather large vintagey dressing table we spied yesterday at a second hand furniture store in Bondi Junction. However, it’s causing all sorts of bother working out how it would actually fit in Nancy’s bedroom.


After gloating about my tipping successes, I’m now 1 from 4 – ack!

Personally, I blame 400 year old man for putting me off my game (of course it could never be my complete tipping ineptitude!).


While the babies were here on holidays, I purchased some eggs, so that we might try a new biscuit recipe.

The eggs were from Sunny Queen Farms and when I opened the box, I found this:

It made me smile.

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