‘thanks for the warning, joe,” frank said. “i’d hate to be knocked off the case by a bag of nuts.”

What do the following people have in common?
Mother Theresa
Priscilla Presley
Lou Reed
Chloe Sevingy
Jennifer Capriati


Sarah Jessica Parker
Felicity Huffman
Faye Dunaway
Sarit Hadad (who?1)
Mae West
Sarah Ferguson
Holly Hunter
Jennifer Aniston

Answer: I apparently look like all of them.

I can’t remember where I first saw this wacky tool.

You upload a picture of yourself, and out of the magic box comes a list of the celebrities you apparently resemble.

So, being the curious creature I am, I uploaded the old pic with the duck in the cleavage from the sidebar (which I am not going to reproduce – being the super paranoid type that I now am):

and verily, out came the results…..

Mother Theresa – 55%
Priscilla Presley – 50%
Lou Reed – 49%
Chloe Sevingy – 49%
Jennifer Capriati – 48%

Good Grief!

I decided I needed a higher resolution image (or some pretty heavy duty cosmetic surgery!)

Picture was duly taken and results were thus:
Sarah Jessica Parker – 66%
Felicity Huffman – 61%
Faye Dunaway – 56%
Sarit Hadad (who?) – 53%
Mae West – 51%
Sarah Ferguson – 49%
Holly Hunter – 48%
Jennifer Aniston – 48%

I am not entirely sure that is an improvement, but hey, at least Lou Reed is missing from the list!!

1Google tells me she is a singer who represented Israel in Eurovision 2002.

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