laura hardy, the boys’ slim and attractive mother, quickly brought cold towels and spirits of ammonia

It’s rather exhausting being back at the Marie Celeste. It’s dreadful trying to get back into the whole work groove. I’m in the process of writing a very awful and complex report (which involves much maths/stats – urk! not my forte at all!), made significantly more difficult because our previous contractor did not document any of the work she did (there is a special place in hell for people who fail to document their work). So, I’ve been spending rather a lot of time engaged in work avoidance – namely reading /. and persuing various works on the literature network (which is killing my eyes). Gee, I don’t know where Nancy gets her tendency to pretend that deadlines just don’t exist.

Our contractor showed a whole lot of sense and failed to show up – which is a bit of a bummer departmentally, because it will take a whole lot of time to recruit someone else. It’s a buyers market at the moment and suitable candidates are pretty thin on the ground. Still our new dude seems very competent and quite pleasant – which undoubtedly means that he won’t be with us for terribly long! He’s already at Stage 2 of the Marie Celeste experience1 – this is where one walks around muttering, “but that doesn’t make sense!”

1Department Cool-until-you-are-in-it spent an idle afternoon developing the “16 stages of the Marie Celeste experience”. I started out at about stage 8 (Cynicism) and haven’t moved on from there. Other stages are The Shouting, The Crying and The Gaining Weight. I can’t recall the rest, although I know that Bliss was the last one (that, of course, occurs after you hand in your resignation).

Titles courtesy of The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Desert Giant

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