miss hardly?

I am tired and have sore feets. The perils of wearing high heels.

Spent probably more than I should have on “stuff” on the weekend, but hey – now I have more “stuff” and that can only be a good thing.

It would seem that there is a new (quite misguided) policy in DJs whereby if you pay by EFTPOS, they read the name on your card & work that name into the conversation, eg. “thank you Miss Hardly” – all very nice, except I’m Mrs Hardly or Ms Hardly. Fenton says I look like I am a snobby Miss, rather than a Mrs.

We’ve been toying with the idea of getting a new bed – we were making do with a rather elderly mismatched ensemble (for US readers, I think this is what you would call a box spring and mattress) – we wanted something hip and styley, but hip and styley costs rather a lot & would involve saving up – so we keep putting it off and putting it off. On Saturday the universe decided to smile on us by providing a bed – for nothing. It’s massive (taking quite a large part of our very big bedroom) and somewhat ugly in a piney, turned-wood kind of way, but did not cost a cent & is in very good condition – hurrah! So we’ve chucked the base & a new mattress is on the hardly purchasing list.

In other news, Nancy had her first day at her part-time job on Saturday – naturally she is working at the place I said I would never, ever allow any child of mine to work – Krusty Burger – argh!

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