o! the pain

Damn you Rowen, this was hard!

Total volume of music on your computer:
3.71GB (there are around 2GB of mp3s archived to CD from when we were severely lacking in hard disc space & severely lacking in the cash to upgrade)
I have no idea how many hours/days worth that is….

The last album/s you purchased was/were:
Ed Kuepper Honey Steels Gold to replace a much beloved cassette (much cheaper than buying this as a replacement cassette method, but not nearly as cool)
Digitalis Positive from negative space – purchased from some way cool buskers in Pitt Street Mall

Song playing right now:
Does the Law & Order theme count?

Seven songs you’ve been listening to a lot recently, from several genres:

  1. Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened
  2. Disco Stu – An Englishman in Ibiza (a visual assault – scroll down to the bottom)
  3. Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution will not be televised
  4. Rammstein – Weisses Fleisch (live)
  5. Beck – Beautiful Way
  6. The Saints – Know your product
  7. Salmonella Dub – Col’s fish, Fence, Loletta, Palava – actually all of the Calming of the Drunken Monkey album

Who are you going to inflict this on?
Geek’s Girl (in the hopes it will lure her into posting again!)

Everyone else has already been infested.

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