Sometimes I marvel at my extreme ignorance.

And currently, I am marvelling at my extreme ignorance.

I am enjoying the Midwich Cuckoos very much and, having also enjoyed The Kraken Wakes very much, was googling for other John Wyndham novels (other than The Day of the Triffids, which I also enjoyed very much) which I might also enjoy very much.

During the course of my googling, I stumbled across a site, which informed me that the Midwich Cuuckoos was filmed as Village of the Damned.

D’oh – so obvious really and quite shaming, given that I have been looking for Village of the Damned (1960 version, not the remake1) on dvd every time we visit video ezy & given that I pride myself on my ability to spout trivia such as this on appropriate (and often inappropriate) occasions.

1has there ever been a decent remake of ANY movie?

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