i am not a hollow read

I’m on annual leave today minding babies – and a good thing too, as yesterday afternoon I was struck down with the most godsawful migrane (which involved nausea & vomiting – gross) – thankfully the intensity has lessened a bit today (thanks in no small part to drugs), but I still feel rather icky.

I had felt it coming all week (increased sensitivity to smell & fuzzy vision) and there wasn’t an awful lot I could do to stop it. I suspect the trigger was a combination of many things: panic at having to possibly move house; being incredibly snowed under & dealing with morons at the Land of Freaks, Acronyms and Meetings; finally having an induction yesterday at the Land of Freaks, Acronyms and Meetings (4+ months after I started) in a very uncomfortable boardroom (bright lights, hot, uncomfortable chairs); having to stand in an very hot, unairconditioned, packed train to collect aforesaid babies; having to postpone Nancy’s dental appointment by a week because Fenton had to use the cash to pay for his hotel room in Singapore (something the compani neglected to tell him & which he found out when he arrived at the hotel); etc etc.

I need to de-stress/calm down/stop worrying.

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