Capping Day

While surfing about last night I came across some torrents(not that I would ever download anything like that!) for Tripods. Many, many years ago (way back before Bess was born) we subscribed to the first pay tv service in Sydney (the poor, dead Galaxy) and were quite addicted to this rather cool programme. In the middle of the last episode we temporarily lost our signal and never found out what happened. I’d always wondered and now I *could* find out – if I did such things, which of course I don’t.

I really needed to know that we’re going to be having a flat inspection on Monday.

Neither Fenton or I have the ability to take that particular day off, so we’re letting the owner and agent run amock on their own, which of course means that I’ll need to ensure the insides of the cupboards are fairly respectable – because if I was the owner I would be looking in cupboards if left to my own devices.

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