what about love? i don’t let that stuff in my house

I just walked out onto the bell kenny (balconey for the non-kiwis out there) and got goosebumps! It’s very cold and rainy – woo hoo! Roll on autumn.

Hellish divisional meeting today at the Land of Freaks, Acronyms and Meetings today where the head of the division was allocated to speak for 20 minutes and droned on/patronised us for over 3 hours (showing an identical very lengthy power point presentation to the one she showed at the last divisional meeting), cutting down/cancelling the presentations of the departmental managers, who everyone has a lot of time for, and thus causing all attendees to be rather pissed off.

The problem with the head of division is that her management skills seem to be gleaned from management texts and she completely fails to apply them in a real world environment. Note to HOD: we don’t give a toss about your fucked-up, mind-numbing sailing metaphors.

For the first time ever, I succumbed to advertising and clicked on a banner ad today, admittedly it was a banner ad on slashdot and was for this!!. How cool is it?! (I am such a nerd)

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