pour your misery down on me

Finally – Sydney sees some autumnal weather! A lovely crisp 23oC.

My feet are cold, it is all very delightful – except for my overpowering feeling of misery and doom. I feel rather unhappy about pretty much everything at present. I’m tired of the endless housework, I’m tired of the Land of Freaks, Acronyms & Meetings, I’m tired of endless arguments with Nancy about doing her homework, I’m tired of this diet of deprivation having no results, I’m tired of not being able to bake yummy cakes/desserts and I’m tired of my oh-so-dull existence.

Ahhhhhhh, I’ll snap out of it eventually.

after the lovely Fenton brought me a wee piece of baklava & coffee, I feel infinitely more cheerful. I think I need the occasional treat to maintain my sanity.

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