pass the crack pipe, brent

I love pureprofile. I’m a sucker for surveys and they occasional $ they bring me.

Today, I did a survey about dairy products. There were many questions about advertisements for dairy products that had somehow managed to pass me by.

But the following was my favourite question:

Now, I would like you to think about each of the following food groups and imagine they are people, each with their own personality.

Please select the words that you feel would best describe each food group if it were a person. You may select as many words as you feel applies.

The food groups were:

  • Soy Foods such as Soy Milk, Soy Spreads or Soy Yoghurt

  • Red Meat such as Beef or Lamb

  • Dairy Foods such as Milk, Cheese or Yoghurt

  • Fruit and Vegetables

The descriptors were:

  • Happy

  • Optimistic

  • Inspiring

  • Exciting

  • Vitality

  • Boring

  • Friendly

  • Nurturing

  • Natural

  • Trustworthy

  • Old fashioned

  • Versatile

  • Balanced

  • Ageless

  • Serious

My second favourite question was one which asked what dairy product advertising slogans stuck in my mind. Of course I answered “Where’s the Cheese?” – because I am sure that Nancy’s generation is all the poorer for not having Peter Russell-Clarke embedded in their psyches.

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