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Its a sad day indeed when you wake up early on a Saturday thinking about the things you must do at work and can’t go back to sleep (because you are thinking of all the work things you must do!)

On Wednesday the new business process re-engineering manager asked to have a chat, she was looking for a project administrator and wanted me to be it! I’m really quite excited about it beneath my ever-so-cool facade – it will look very good on my CV and it gives me some actual work to do! No more $$ of course, but I’m satisfied with my remuneration anway (for the present anyway!). I’m actually quite enjoying the move to quasi-PAing1, who knew? I thought I was wedded to Records Management for life.

Thursday night saw drinkies after work with a current and two ex batshitcrazyorg employees. We spent the majority of the evening snarking about batshitcrazyorg & speculating about the future of the organisation now that what was rumoured to be be happening has happened – stuff I should not speak of (not that I actually signed any form of confidentiality clause, but I’m not a little paranoid with regard to them).

The ex-executive-officer told me that there were a few times during my employment that she was terrified that the powers that be would discover my political leanings (ie. that I was vehemently opposed to the evil right-wing batshitcrazyorg agenda) & she would be told to sack me (actually, I’m rather sorry this never eventuated). Ex-executive-officer convienently forgot to show the powers that be my CV when I was recruited, because I have a strong Local Government background2. I would have loved their reaction if they had known that, back in the day, Fenton’s super cool Grandfather was a card carrying member of the Communist Party in NZ.

The Town Planner noted that batshitcrazyorg would have been delighted with the current anti-abortion debate. I wondered how the members would feel if they knew that a proportion of their uni0n dues funded an anti-abortion group that advertises itself as a pregnancy counselling service. We agreed that they probably wouldn’t care overly much (being the cynical types we are).

While I’m suprememly glad I’m out, I don’t regret for a minute having worked at batshitcrazyorg. It saddens me not a little that my idealistic-bright-shiny-very-naive image of uni0ns has been very tarnished. Perhaps this is all part of becoming an adult (surely the day is coming when I’ll feel like an adult?). And at least it hasn’t turned me into a conservative!

1Quasi, because I don’t have to type.

1Because obviously Council Workers are even worse than kiwis

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