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Just in at the mrs hardly desk – The Sydney Community College course brochure for Summer 2005.

For a mere $149.00 and six hours of your time, you can learn how to blog.

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to understand how to create and use a blog to communicate with peers and colleagues for work or for any topic of general interest. Blog. Blogs have been with us for a few years, and over the last year have grown dramatically. They allow you to have a voice on any topic you choose. It is your soapbox. Time to stand on it and tell the world what you really think! Let the poet and the author in you come out! Using the Internet and blogging sites you will soon have your own Blog to enter your information. Readers will be able to post their comments and voice their opions to you Blog. Needs: Imagination & basic knowledge of how to use a PC.

Or you could just sign up for blogger for free and work it out yourself.

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