I’ve never understood why when there is an event where an enormous amount of lives are lost outside our sunny shores, the focus is invariably on how many Australian’s are affected. “Tsunami kills 125,000 and TEN of them are Australian”. Its as though the powers that be don’t consider anything significant/newsworthy unless there are Australians involved. I had assumed that this was a uniquely Australian phenomenon, alas no, apparently the kiwis do it too.

Of course, then there are those who really couldn’t give a toss

“I heard what was going on with the wave and so on, and I just thought it was a bit of an exaggeration,” said Peter Anstiss, 48, from Sydney, as he shared a beer with his brother in a bar off Patong Beach’s main drag. “I didn’t think too much about it.”

“We are here on holiday, not to be sad,” she said. “I know bad things have happened, but it’s nothing to do with us.”

Back in Patong, Elliot Reid, from Melbourne, was finishing his gin and tonic. “I heard the warning from the Government not to go to Phuket and just thought, f— ’em,” he said.


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