but where did they go?

Sea Monkey Update:

12pm: There seem to be significantly less sea monkeys in the sea monkey haus. Whether this is because of the extremely chilly weather (although they do have a lamp shining on the haus) I am uncertain. The Sea Monkeys are still relatively plentiful – perhaps there were just too many of them to live happily? That doesn’t go any way to explaining why there are no sea monkey corpses about. Perhaps they are cannibals? That wasn’t mentioned in the instructions!

My downloads of The Avengers are failing miserably, putting me in a not spectacular mood. Will I need to spend several hundred dollars purchasing Region 1 or 2 dvds from amazon.com or amazon.co.uk? And then hope madly that they will work in the dvd player? I’m struggling with whether Region 2 would be a better investment because it is PAL, or would Region 1 work just as well, even if it is NTSC? Region 1 DVDs are definitely the cheaper option.

I’m really in a not spectacular mood in general. I think I am getting rather tired of being haus-ridden. We’ve been planning to take the hardly children out for A Long Walk for 2 days now, but the weather has foiled us both days. Day 1 saw the windiest wind there has been for a while (branches flying around everywhere). Today it is quite freezing, windy and it appears rain is very likely.

Activities are required.

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