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We finally got around to renting LOTR on dvd. I must say at this point that I have not actually *read* LOTR (shut-up), having failed on numerous occasions to get past the party scene (which Fenton informs me should be skipped anyway). I have, however, read The Hobbit on a few occasions, so know about Hobbits & Gandalf & stuff.

Fenton watched it last night, me being a little tired from farewell drinkies (I celebrated leaving batshitcrazyorg by actually consuming alcohol – very much a rarity for me, surprisingly I was not in any way drunk – just sleepy). I walked past on the way to the kitchen & commented “that’s not what hobbits look like!” and “there is no way Bilbo Baggins’ house looks like that, I don’t care if it does have a round door!”

Fenton’s thoughts – he said they left out lots, changed things & he thought it was disappointing overall (glad I went to bed).

This lead me to wonder if there was *any* film/novel adaptation where the film was actually, you know, any good. From personal observation good adaptations are rather thin on the ground. I tend to avoid them like you would avoid a thing that is plaguey. It can be done though, I would have to say that House of Cards was inifinitely superior to the novel. Hitchcock’s Rebecca is equally as brilliant as Daphne’s original work.

In other news, I think my new jobs bites.

It bites huge meaty chunks.


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