just when you think they can’t get any stupider

realistically, i should not be surprised that there are people at batshitcrazyorg who do not know what a melbourne cup sweep is (and these are people who have grown up in australia), but i was surprised.

have they been living in a cupboard?

on the batshitcrazyorg note, i suspect some very nasty office politicking is going peak rather soon – and it will not be pretty. i have been dragged into it – some *very* exaggerated claims have been made by mrs stub1ng to mr burns – suffice it to say i do not enjoy being a pawn in mrs stub1ngs power games – particularly when she makes things up. time to hide in the file room & wait for it all to blow over.

mrs hardly’s tips for the very much over-rated melbourne cup? catchmeifyoucan and/or upsetthym. why you ask? becausetheyruntheirwordstogether & we really dig that in the hardly haus. oh and they are kiwi ponies.

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