cleaning, cleaning…..

we went to several open houses today & happened upon the estate agent who is managing the current hardly haus at one of them – whereupon we had a chat about the nutter owner (who the agency are thinking of dropping because he is so difficult to deal with), she said we would definitely know by friday.

we decided to continue our search & stumbled upon somewhere eminently suitable (with a different agent – who seem to have much higher standards of cleanliness in their accomodations – our agents places bear a distinct resemblance to hovels) – so we have completed the appropriate applications & should find out on monday (although in real estate speak this could be any time next week). very nice location, *actual* kitchen with *actual* cupboards!, laundry! bath & shower! – woo hoo!!! and they will be re-carpeting next week. we’re hopeful that we can ditch a large proportion of our current furniture & start afresh with new things. so bits crossed for this one!

now for the horrors of cleaning the current abode (we’ll be out one way or another, so had best begin). i had no idea how ghastly it is to clean vertical blinds – i occasionally give them a wipe over, but the kitchen ones need removal & scrubbing before we give the keys back! how ghastly.

in other news, my stitches are itchy, so very very itchy. the covering bandage seems to have been made with the strongest adhesive in the universe, because after removal, despite liberal application of eucalyptus oil & mediswabs there still remains a very sticky patch which seems to have magnetic-like qualities for all manner of fluff.

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