out damned spot!

well yesterday was a bit of an adventure.

after discovering that the majority of my favourite shops in newtown no longer existed (how things change in a year!), i toddled off to the melanoma clinic.

the doctor (kc) checked the spot on my neck and said “that will have to come off” – and then she carefully checked my bod for more spots, while i stood there in my undies – with no bra. thankfully, everything apart from the neck spot is well.

i began to get a little concerned when kc was worried that she couldn’t get me into surgery until next week (cut to my brain ticking over … “its so bad it can’t wait a mere week?”).

then kc left the room to seek the head of the unit (the prof) – he looked at it and said “are you sure it isn’t a reallylongtechnicalnameforabenignlump?” kc replied, “no i don’t think it is a reallylongtechnicalnameforabenignlump, have another look”. so the prof duly had a closer look with a strangelittlemagnifyinglightthing and said, “does she have private health insurance?” (because obviously being such in such a lofty position means that you don’t address patients directly) – when the answer was in the negative, they both departed in an attempt to find a surgeon that could take it off right now. (cut to my brain ticking over … “holy fuck”)

fortunately they located a surgeon who could accomodate me that afternoon. kc was completing some paperwork, looked up at me and said, “are you coping with this okay, because finding out there is a big chance you have a melanoma is rather big news”, so i did what anyone would have done in the circumstances – i lied, “oh i’m cool – positive thinking and all that”. then i toddled off to have some photos of the damned spot taken for a clinical trial and sadly it was the best photo i have had taken of myself for a very long time – i looked cute! cute in the face of doom – hah!

so i shopped for a while and went back and was chopped – now i have stitches and a big patch – owwwwwwww.

i won’t find out the results for another week (way to hang by your toenails) and then there is a good chance there could be more chopping. i could be destined to wear scarves for the rest of my life!

i must say what shits me about the whole thing is that everyone at batshitcrazyorg says “oh, you will be fine” when there is a good chance that i won’t be fine – it completely invalidates my concerns (it would be much better to say “i hope everything will be okay”. jerks – they can all fuck off.

so yes – this is very fun indeed.

in other news, we *still* don’t know about no.1 – the owner who apparently is of eastern european origins, with a not very good grasp on english, believes we are the chinese people next door and that we want to use the flat for commercial purposes, so he doesn’t want us in there. cos, you know, fenton is constantly being mistaken for a chinese masseuse.

the estate agent believes she will be able to explain it to the owner in person – she sees him on the 5th november. fenton is looking at some other places tomorrow. and to make matters worse, we recieved a letter this afternoon from the estate agent saying the owner wants to do a flat inspection on the 5th. argh! all of the art will have to come off the walls and be hidden (somewhere) – so hopefully we will be in the process of packing/moving somewhere else by the time the 5th rocks around.

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