i am a hollow reed

i can’t recall the last time i was this stressed.

realistically there is no good reason for me to be as stressed as i feel. sure, there is a little pressure – what with nancy’s leg, fenton being in pensylvania, joe/frank’s assignment, a disgustingly untidy haus, masses of unwashed and unironed clothing – but these are things i would ordinarily take very much in my stride, indeed, i would ordinarily laugh (hah!) in the face of these trivialities.

but now, for some unknown reason these things are really getting to me, i feel like alternately weeping, yelling, hiding under the bedclothes & hoping it will all go away.

i feel completely and utterly overwhelmed with the simplest of things.

i should mention that i went back on the pill a little over a week ago (after a gap of many years). i attribute my current mental state solely to this. it feels rather like being pre-menstrual but so much worse. i feel fat. i want to consume vast amounts of foods that are not very good for me.

hopefully this will all settle down, because i am not very keen on remaining a gibbering idiot ruled by her hormones.

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