By far the worst thing about Fenton’s impending trip to Philadelphia for training, are the dreaded words smart casual on the course invite. As I have written before, this phrase immediately strikes terror into the bravest of the brave. Following the smart casual instruction were the qualifiers: no athletic shoes (we assume this means runners), no jeans, no collar-less shirts, etc etc etc. Really, they might as well just have gone with “you must wear chinos, chambray shirt, woven leather belt & boat shoes”.

Fenton’s wardrobe consists of suits, business shirts, tee-shirts & jeans, oh and business shoes & “athletic” shoes (although he doesn’t do anything remotely athletic while wearing the shoes, unless you take athletic to mean strolling down to get coffee and shopping). Thus we were forced to spend our saturday spending *vast* amounts of cash acquiring a smart casual wardrobe for him to wear for the week – with nary a boat shoe or pair of chinos in the collection. I was rather surprised at his purchases, as they are far more fashionable than he would previously have worn.

In other news, he has also lost almost TWO sizes since being in Melbourne. So, oh great, I made him fat! In my defense, I did tell him those endless cups of tea I supply him with would do him no good. Now I need to be sent to some ungodly place to get back to a size 8.

We spent yesterday at Moore Park SupaCenta in a fruitless search for a new bed. We need a double bed, for the hardly bedroom is very very very small – but nothing really appealed & we really don’t want to spend vast amounts of cash on something we aren’t really taken with.

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