fenton received a call from his sydney manager earlier in the week offering him a 6 week secondment to the chicago office – which would mean that he would not return after his training in philadelphia (he leaves for that on October 9). this is quite amusing given his alleged attitude problem – offers of this kind are usually saved for the starriest of stars.

he did not really want to go, but one can’t say no to these things (because they will never be offered again and one’s meteoric rise will become quite the reverse) – so fenton accepted & was rather economical with the truth when he mentioned his excitement re: the offer.

luckily he was told the next morning that the assignment was off – and there was much rejoicing indeed amongst the hardlys!

in other news, i visited my GP & received a referral to the melanoma & skin cancer research institute so that they may check out my spots. due to a misspent youth (“get your nose out of that book & get down to the beach with your friends”), i’m covered in freckles and moles from the waist up. i’ve had several tested in the past, but i’ve recently noticed a few subtle changes.

i’m sure other things have happened, but i’m also sure if they were of any note i would have remembered them.

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