in the past week we’ve had 3 additions to the hardly unholy army of the night

but these were no ordinary bratz, oh no – these are the infintely superior1 brazte!

from the box:

Brazte Girls collection series

will come into the market!

Brazte Girls’s finery can fit together

freely and for a lot of fashion styles !

Children advert the new fittings

product come into the market please !

Can you drean up more fashion style , children ?

Please collection a complete set of Brazte Girls !

1superior not only for the amazing box, but also because they are surprisingly great quality (not like the cheap, nasty plastic you’d associate with rip-offs) & virtually identical to the real thingTM, but their waists twist (always important) *and* there is a red-headed Brazte2 (always important with nancy in the haus). Braztes are much rarer and harder to find than Bratz.

2i’ll save my rant on the trials of locating dolls with red hair!

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