so cunning you could brush your teeth with it…

joe/frank has quite poor fine motor skills & we don’t want to stress him forcing him to learn how to tie shoelaces at this stage. thus we spent a rather anguished few hours a fortnight ago searching for black runners sans laces for him.

i had no idea how difficult it would be to actually locate a decent pair in his size (or even locate plain-coloured runners without laces) & i’ve been pondering if i could get around the laces issue with normal shoes (fenton, nancy & i never undo our laces to put our shoes on, nor does joe/frank’s father – but that does not seem to work awfully well for joe/frank).

today i managed to find a pair of ladies 5 1/2s which should be perfect (providing they fit). while on the train home from batshitcrazyorg it occured to me that i may be able to bodgy normal shoes with some cool & groovy elastic – so simple really. provided the elastic looks reasonable – they would look not dissimilar to my old clubbing shoes.

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