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strolled down to woolies to get some *stuff* & even took my lovely black envirobag with me. incidently much easier than carrying plastic bags home, but i digress. my shopping basket contained some election paraphenalia for the greens – a nifty little postcard (which i’d *love* to display in my cubicle) & a brochure entitled “we’ve been doing it for years” – which lists the greens’ attempts to pass various anti-discriminatory legislation for same-sex couples. i have decided that the greens rock (which i knew already).

Yes to Love, No to Hate

“The greens will always always stand up for human rights and an end to bigotry, prejudice, division and homophobia and we did so today.”

Senator Kerry Nettle, speaking in the Senate against the same sex marriage ban, 13th August 2004.

When Labor voted with the Howard government in the Senate to ban same sex marriage, Australia became less fair. Howard’s politics of hate and division triumphed over the values of love and equality.

With your help we can overturn this discrimination and make Australia a fairer place. Visit to volunteer online or make a donation to the Greens’ election campaign……

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