star-spotting & sookiness

while walking to the post box on the way back to the hardly haus this afternoon, i spotted a C-grade celeb: the former host of the oh-so-lame the hothouse, erika surnamethatstartswithhandendswithz.

she was very tall (i would have reached her shoulder), very blonde, very toothy and had very very orange skin.

in other news, i miss fenton. it makes me cross/depressed & sucks away my enthusiasm for life.

my pal priscilla informs me that erika surnamethatstartswithhandendswithz is hosting a reality show on pay tv, which lisa called “i wanna be a supermodel”1, but which is actually called australia’s next top model

1naturally, i was forced to type most of the lyrics to the jill sobule song in her msn window:

Cause I’m young, and I’m hip and so beautiful
I’m gonna be a supermodel

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