its no secret that i’m a bit of a mac-fan1 – i am coveting the new G5 imac big time – so much more gorgeous than the terribly over-designed orginal imac & the ilamp

click the pic!!

(note to self: upload image to own host at home)

in other news, i really wish my cubicle neighbours would shut the fuck up. i so don’t care about your lame-arsed, boring lives. i simply cannot abide people who go about telling people how highly intelligent, worldly & professional they are, when in reality they are complete & total fuckwits.

how can you regularly watch television and *not* know who jamie oliver is? how can you not know it is completely inappropriate to address people repeatedly as “darl” during a business call? do you realse how rude it is to start EVERY sentence with “listen, …”? your parents are from italy & you buy *real* coffee every day – yet you call it eXpresso?!? redemial massage – give me a fscking break!! no, pilates is not exactly the same as yoga. no, softener is NOT another term for toner (facial)!! for the love of [insert chosen deity], natalie is NOT a common japanese boy’s name!!

honestly! some days i can really see the attraction in going postal…

1although i have a healthy cynicism re apple & am not one of those “this is the *one* true computer” obsessives.

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