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i felt the need for something light to read, so yesterday at lunch wandered up to the qvb to check out the collins bookstore. specifically i was in search of anything hercule poirot – because agatha christie novels tickle me to bits. i just adore the improbable plots! i recently found a 3-in-1 of HP for $4.00 & thought i might find something similar, which i did – unfortunately they were $40 – ack! for a badly printed paperback – no thanks!!!

so i popped into basement books on the way home & to my extreme delight found a fay weldon that i’d not read1 & came across a novel i’d seen mentioned in a blog (although naturally i forget whose) a few weeks ago & which piqued my interest at the time (but of course forgot about until i saw it sitting in the reduced pile!) elegance by kathleen tessaro, which i’m really looking forward to reading.

as part of my grand scheme to actually remove myself from batshitcrazyorg during lunchtime (rather than depressing myself by working through lunch) i dragged myself up to kmart at broadway & picked up two patricia cornwell novels. i realised several weeks ago that i had never read anything by her before. quite odd, when i thought about it, given that i am a Big Fan of crime novels2, so i resolved to do something about it!

ahhhhh, but what to read first!? naturally i have already completed the fay and of course it was brilliant as ever.

1nothing to wear & nowhere to hide

2not true crime though, that’s a little freaky. but i have a major crush on ruth rendell’s inspector wexford (i’ve never seen the tv-moofies and have no desire to)

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