i’ll take the soft option thanks

i have come down with the awful cold that has plagued nancy (everyone seems to have it at work / school)

i feel ghastly, so took the opportunity to use some sick hours & returned to the hardly haus at lunch time.

with the intention of retiring early tonight, i started blanket stitching as soon as i got in. about 50cm worth of stitching later, i decided that it wasn’t looking how i had envisaged, so again i took the soft option & dragged out the sewing machine – and voila* – finished in an hour.

yes, it looks different to how i’d imagined – but it is still quite satisfactory (much better than the blanket stitch), i still think it is a little plain, but i think he will be happy with it (he needs more badges).

i’ll take the train trip and deliver it after work tomorrow.

and now – to nap!

*or “wah lah” as eBay chat-board types would … errrrm … type.

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