after intermittent whinging about the dearth of readable blogs, i finally hit the motherlode (which i long suspected was out there somewhere) on the weekend.

as with most things, i can’t remember exactly *how* i found them (it certainly wasn’t that spanky new “next blog” button), but i was utterly transfixed and read and read and read through archives until my eyes were a quite lovely shade of red*.

i am in complete awe of these women! fabulous writers all: intelligent, witty, articulate, creative & all with wonderfully interesting lives. i laughed, i cried, i gasped.

its exactly what thrills me about the whole blog phenomenon – i get such a strong sense of person & place.

so, very highly recommended reading (in no particular order):


small hands


chez miscarriage

a little pregnant

uncommon misconception



interesting a substantial proportion of these bloggers use typepad, i wonder if there is a correlation between having to pay for a service & the quality of writing contained within.

*note to self: blink.

2 thoughts on “utopia

  1. I can’t comment on others but I use typepad because I was too thick to work out how to import a template I liked into blogger and I didn’t like their typefaces. And I loathe blogger comments (but I like your blog so I’m enduring it!) Thanks for linking me, I’ve just been reading your archives – anyresemblance

  2. thank you for enduring bloggers horrid comments.

    i loathe them too, but laziness (and nothing else) has prevented me from changing them to something better.

    after being *forced* to abandon my last blog, i went with the standard blogger comments, planning to do something about it when i was sure i would continue with it and not be discovered again.

    i suspect i’m fairly safe now, so i’ll go on the hunt after i complete this hellish blanket. thanks for the motivation.

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