nancy and i arrived home at 10pm – ack!

we’d been to a Year 11 meeting at her school, which basically covered subject selection (all stuff i already knew) – still, one has to show ones face at these things.

nancy’s praises were sung long and loud by both of her history teachers and both of them assuaged my fears that her essay writing was not up to the required modern history standard (they say she is far above standard, which disturbs me, because i know that she could be doing so much better).

she’s hoping for pharmacy at Sydney Uni in 2007, but a combined arts/science degree looks like it might be the second choice if the marks aren’t there.

in other news, i am having my picnic day tomorrow – usually these fall on a specific day, but for some reason at batshitcrazyorg we may take it whenever we like. i so needed a “mental health day” – which i will spend washing and houseworking – therefore leaving my weekend free to spend time with the lovely fenton.

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