6 thoughts on “greetings

  1. HHHHHH I’m doing the same thing… at least you don’t get idiotic comments..

    apparently you posted this last night, but it wasn’t here the last 4 times I viewd the page this morning?? nad there was no gap betwwen the navbar and your heading. odd things are happening.

  2. golly – i’ve had so many hits today!

    hi iris!

    harriet, what do you mean there is no gap??? i have a *big* gap on my screen! argh!!!!!

  3. there was no gap this morning, but then your “greetings” post wasn’t there either – there is a gap now, and all posts present and accounted for!

    I have had loads of hits too.. I guess it will die down once the novelty of the new buttons wears off.

  4. i am becoming obsessed with the button – it hasn’t led me to anything read-worthy yet (perhaps if i could read spanish….)

  5. I’ve landed on a couple of readworthy blogs, mostly it is annoying mIxeD cAsE TeEnaGeRs wItH 101 rEasOnS tO CoMiTt sUicIDe

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