the mrs hardly / harriet dictionery

mrs hardly: they are truly wierd!

harriet: even weird perhaps?

mrs hardly: no -wierd

mrs hardly: its like weird but much much worse

mrs hardly: WIERD – weird frugal parents

mrs hardly: and what happens as a consequence of their frugal-ism

harriet: From Pamela:

I received several nice bottles of liquid hand soap from Bath and Body in gift baskets. I refill these with dish soap for the kitchen and bathroom sinks. It saves a TON over buying new bottles, and no one is the wiser!


mrs hardly: why do i have this WIERD rash after visiting pamela’s house?

harriet: can you imagine getting over $20 for a MAGAZINE?

harriet: that is so bizarrwe

harriet: bizarre

harriet: these mags have been sitting in a box for 6 years

mrs hardly: i like bizarrwe better

harriet: HHH

mrs hardly: as wierd is strange things that happen because of attempts at frugality, so bizarrwe is the outrageous and unfathomable prices for crap old magazines

harriet: any opportunity to let it be known how wondereful she is

harriet: wonderful

mrs hardly: wondereful can be like wierd or bizarrwe

harriet: the state of thinking you are wonderful when you are not

i think we may have abandoned the project after that.

6 thoughts on “the mrs hardly / harriet dictionery

  1. Oh! We are so funny!

    I deleted ALL of my msn conversations in a fit of cleansing one day – I would like to peruse our funniness … or was that about it?

  2. yes we are funny, aren’t we!

    there are gems in amongst the snarking about a certain fat witch from the north of australia.

    i’ll email you the text file?

  3. I spent about 3 hours this morning reading the log and only got about 1/5th the way through – god we are such bitches! But thankfully we pull it off nicely, being also funny and intelligent HHHHHHHHHHHH

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