ahhhhhhhhhh choooooooooooo

dismantling *some* of the monstrousity*

there is so. much. dust. and abnormally LARGE amount of dust, which has sent my sinuses into overdrive.

sneeze sniffle sneeze

*now that i’ve started with the superfluous “u”, i’d best continue**

**rather like the dictionery harriet and i began creating during msn conversations way back in the dim, distant past – where we’d give appropriate meanings to misspelled words from sites we’d visited. eg. “my child has come out in a wierd rash from the dollar saving tips on about.com”.

i guess you had to be there.

2 thoughts on “ahhhhhhhhhh choooooooooooo

  1. Oh I forgot about the dictionery!

    Where have you put all of the books? and where will you store the disassembled monstrousity*?

    *I may as well follow suit

  2. monstrousity = very large bookshelf constructed by fenton from wood found on the street.

    i think i will have to go back through the msn logs to find some more dictionery examples! … after the HORRIBLE mess has cleared.

    we (well, okay fenton) cut down the monstrousity to a less wobbling level.

    we are storing *some* of the books (the ones we don’t refer to regularly) in the top of our wardrobe – and removing some of the many many empty suitcases that lived there. the suitcases will go onto the street.

    its amazing how much stuff we can throw out when we think we have pared back to nothing.

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