what a difference $3.20 makes

Despite my experience with Spo0ty Food Ideas & my vow not to be lured by point of sale displays, I picked up a copy of ABC Delic1ous magazine – what a delight! I ooohed and ahhhed and groaned with delight** at the treasues within the covers. I want to cook almost** everything in there!

Tonight we are having Lamb & Pasta Bake with Roasted Tomatoes (page 62) – smells divine & looks fab!

*best *not* to eat out with me, as I tend to express my delight rather vocally.
**although i’ll stay right away from recipes containing whole fish.

ooooooooooohhhhhh – while googling for a delicious site to link to, i glimpsed a delicious subscription on wishlist and i have $30ish in my pureprofile account – which i can redeem in wishlist gift vouchers!!! I’ll be doing some further checking.

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