godsdamn electrical equipment and their fickle ways

the timer on the agitator of the h00vermatic (de luxe) briefly (briefly enough to cause minor panic) stopped working on saturday. thankfully it inexplicably began to work again after 5-ish minutes.

today my beloved NEC mult1Sync 5FG began to flicker and flicker and flicker in a very annoying manner. definitely a monitor issue and not the ‘puter (for it is equally as flickery on the mac). Bashing on the side works for a wee while, but it looks as though i might have to hand over some cash for a new one (and a monitor switch box). I’d just love a flat screen (i adore the extra desk space i have at batshitcrazyorg), but that is just a little out of my price range (my price range being $0-$30**)

**Okay, its a little more, but I simply can’t justify $600.

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